We Relocated!

Howard Beach Vision Care has moved from the Lindenwood Shopping Plaza to Covert Avenue in Floral Park.

Covert Avenue is a quaint shopping district nestled between Floral Park and Stewart Manor. We are midway between Jericho Tpke (Jamaica Ave.) and Hempstead Tpke.

Floral Park is about 10 miles away, just on the other side of Belmont Racetrack. You can get there by either Southern State Parkway or Cross Island Parkway.

Via Southern State Parkway: East to Corona Avenue Exit. Left at light, over parkway and left at light. Right turn onto Meacham Ave. Continue North past Hempstead Tpke where it turns into Covert Ave. Continue past grade school on right and Sewanhaka High School on left. We are about 4 blocks past Sewanhaka on the left (West) side of the street.

Via Cross Island Parkway: North to Jamaica Ave. East. About 1/2 mile to Tulip Ave. (just past KFC on right). Tulip Ave. Through the center of town of Floral Park. About 1 mile to Covert Ave. Make left when Sewanhaka High School is on right. About 4 blocks North on the left side (West) of the street.

We will be renamed as Covert Optical. We hope that you will be able to visit us at our new location.



We post special offers from suppliers in which we participate,
or seasonal promotions we run.

Return of the Varilux Ultimate Lens Package


Varilux Is Running The Ultimate Lens Package Again & We Are Participating Again!

Varilux Ultimate Lens Package Banner

Varilux is promoting it's newest design lenses

It is an advanced design with features that improve clarity and make progressive lenses easier to use. Varilux has analyzed the way we use our eyes. That has changed a lot in since ten years ago when the iPhone was introduced. We now use digital screens on our phones and tablets, and in our living rooms.

There is the X Series lens for presbyopes - older folks that have lost the ability to focus close, and Eyezen lenses for younger people that use their phone & tablet all day as their communication hub.

Varilux X Series 

Eyezen + 

 varilux.x.series.logo eyezen 
Progressive Lens For Presbyopes Single Vision Lens Today's Digital Lifestyle

The special offer from Varilux is buy one - get one free featuring the two newest and most advanced of their eyeglass lens designs.

Varilux X Series

Varilux Series X is a progressive lens with the latest lens technology to give the presbyopic wearer the closest possible experience to natural vision.

W.A.V.E. technology - removes distortion for superior sharpness

XTend technology - larger zones and reduced head movement

NanOptix technology - Eliminates off-balance feeling

Synchroneyes technology - improves binocular vision so eyes work together better 


Eyezen + is a single vision lens with added features:

Smart Blue Filter - Removes up to 20% of the shorter wavelength end of the blue light spectrum, while allowing the sleep regulating wavelenghts of the blue spectrum to pass through.

W.A.V.E. technology - removes distortion for superior sharpness

Accomodative easing - the lower part of the lens makes focusing on digital devices easier and helps eliminate eye strain. 


When You Buy Either Lens with:

Transitions Signature VII



Crizal Sapphire 360 UV

crizal saphire 360

Reduces reflections from multiple angles and enhanced UV protection

When you order either the Series X or EyeZen+ lenses with Transitions Signature VII and Crizal Sapphire 360 UV, you get the second pair of lenses free.

The Offer Requires that:

  • You purchase 2 new frames to go with your new lenses
  • Both pairs must be ordered at the same time

For more details, see the offer page on the Varilux website.

We provide this offer through a program with Essilor and our lens laboratory.

This offer is available until December 31, 2018

Don't wait! Get your new eyeglasses now!

Call 718 738-3700 to schedule an appointment for an eye exam.