We Relocated!

Howard Beach Vision Care has moved from the Lindenwood Shopping Plaza to Covert Avenue in Floral Park.

Covert Optical
57 Covert Ave.
Floral Park, NY 11001


ph: 516 502 6961
f: 516 502 6932

Covert Avenue is a quaint shopping district nestled between Floral Park and Stewart Manor. We are midway between Jericho Tpke (Jamaica Ave.) and Hempstead Tpke.

Floral Park is about 10 miles away, just on the other side of Belmont Racetrack. You can get there by either Southern State Parkway or Cross Island Parkway.

Via Southern State Parkway: East to Corona Avenue Exit. Left at light, over parkway and left at light. Right turn onto Meacham Ave. Continue North past Hempstead Tpke where it turns into Covert Ave. Continue past grade school on right and Sewanhaka High School on left. We are about 4 blocks past Sewanhaka on the left (West) side of the street.

Via Cross Island Parkway: North to Jamaica Ave. East. About 1/2 mile to Tulip Ave. (just past KFC on right). Tulip Ave. Through the center of town of Floral Park. About 1 mile to Covert Ave. Make left when Sewanhaka High School is on right. About 4 blocks North on the left side (West) of the street.

We will be renamed as Covert Optical. We hope that you will be able to visit us at our new location.



Our New Location

Our New Store Is Open



Many of you have noticed our storefront in Lindenwood has been empty since the begining of November 2018. We opened up in mid-December in Floral Park on Covert Ave.

We've recently brought in several new lines of frames - Europa, Cote d'Azure, Scott Harris, Michael Ryen, LeGre, and Cafe Boutique. We've also updated the lines we already carried with new styles from Club Level Design, Line Art, and Eddie Bauer.

You can visit our new website here:

Covert Optical

The new store looks great! We hope that all that can will come visit us here. For those that can't because it is too far, we thank you for using us in the past, and we wish you well.

Interior of New Covert Optical


There is a lot of misinformation and superstition surrounding the cleaning of eyeglasses. This video shows the safe and effective ways to clean your eyeglasses.

Don't Use Windex To Clean Your Eyeglasses - Here's Why:

Some people have used

Windex or other glass cleaners to clean their eyeglasses and it has worked OK, but there are risks to your lenses. Chemicals in Glass Cleaners can react with the lenses or the lens coatings and damage them. Anti-reflective coatings like Crizal can peel.

Some lens materials can deteriorate from reaction with the chemicals in glass cleaners. Polycarbonate is widely used in eyeglass lenses because they are lightweight, thin, and extremely resistant to breakage but glass cleaners destroy them in just a few months.

The lens in these photos was only a few months old, yet the lenses have cracks forming at the edge. It is a polycarbonate lens, and the patient was using Windex to clean her glasses.

Polycarbonate eyeglass lens with cracks formed from cleaning with Windex glass cleaner

Notice this lens has two large cracks forming.

Polycarbonate eyeglass lens with many edge cracks forming from reaction to Windex glass cleaner

Notice in this photo there are many smaller cracks forming at the edge in addition to the large cracks.

The lens is a Varilux progressive with Transitions VII. Those options make for an expensive lens. We replaced the lenses at no charge for her and when she revealed that she was cleaning them with Windex, we counselled her to not do so. We recommend the methods shown in the video above.

Avoid any solvents for cleaning your eyeglasses as well. Acetone, paint thinner, lacquer thinner, WD40, and lighter fluid may damage your lenses or the coatings on them.

If you have something on your lenses that you can't get off, bring it to your optician for advice and help. We don't charge for little things like that, and are glad to see you.